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VersaProbe™ Suction/Irrigation

VersaProbe™ Suction/Irrigation

The Versatile Solution

The patented VersaProbe adapts to most irrigation systems including bags, bottles, pumps and cuffs and allows universal integration of various probes and/or electrodes. Its soft rear port connector permits utilization of electrodes and laser guides.

Reliable Irrigation

VersaProbe's precision-engineered trumpet-valve design provides high suction, clog resistant aspiration and leak-free irrigation. A comfortable saddle grip design enables left-or right-hand use, and our custom engineered tubing is memory-free for better drapability.

Cost Effective

VersaProbe converts into an electrocautery suction/irrigator to compete against higher priced systems.

ModelDescriptionCount Per Case
SU2001-2S 5 mm/33 cm probe with 2-spike irrigation tubing, sterile 12
SU2001-2P 5 mm/33 cm probe with dual suction pump
irrigation tubing, sterile
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