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CleanFreak® Endoscope Cleaning Brushes

Medovations' tradition of innovative endoscopic devices continues with CleanFreak Endoscope Cleaning Brushes. To learn more, contact a personal product representative at 800.558.6408.

Standard Brush | 1200-01
This single-head brush is a must have accessory, combining a non-slip catheter with a tapered head and a protective tip. If one brush ever did the work of many, this would be it.

Extra Wide Brush | 1200-02
This brush contains longer bristles, a plastic tip, and a compact head that provides optimal cleaning capability for channel diameters between 2.8 mm to 6 mm.

Extra Long Brush | 1200-03
The tapered brush head and firm yellow catheter flexes easily when guided through the channel. With a longer head design, this brush doubles the cleaning contact with every pass through the channel.

Dual Ended Brush | 1200-04
This dual-ended brush enables efficient cleaning by using two brushes in one pass. The textured catheter helps maintain a secure grip.

Combination Brush | 1200-05
For maximum convenience, a standard brush and a valve brush are now in one product. A bright yellow tip on the channel brush helps protect the channel from abrasion.

Valve Brush | 1200-06
This compact cleaning brush features a densely packed head of soft, gentle bristles to clean the delicate areas around the control head and valve cavities. The handle design ensures a comfortable, secure grip.

Heavy Duty Standard Brush

This simple, effective singlehead brush combines a non-slip wirereinforced catheter with a tapered head and a protective tip. It’s the go-to brush for heavy-duty cleaning.

Heavy Duty Dual Ended Brush

This heavy-duty dual-end brush features soft bristles, a protective plastic tip, and a compact head that provides optimal cleaning.

Heavy Duty Combination Brush

This convenient brush features a valve brush with a comfortable grip on one end and a channel brush on the other. Its wire-reinforced catheter remains firm to glide through longer channels.

CleanFreak® Endoscope Brushes for Flexible Endoscopes
Part No.DescriptionBristle
Channel Dia
1200-01Standard Brush5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-02Extra Wide Brush7—9 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.8 mm50
1200-03Extra Long Brush5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-04Dual Ended Brush5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-05Combination Brush
(Valve & Channel Brush)
5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-06Valve Brush1.0 cm
1200-07Heavy Duty Standard Brush5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-08Heavy Duty Dual Ended Brush5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50
1200-09Heavy Duty Combination Brush (Valve & Channel Brush)5—7 mm1.7 mm230 cm2.0 mm50

CleanFreak® Endoscope Cleaning Sponges

CleanFreak® Endoscope Sponges are the latest additions to Medovations' growing line of economical cleaning accessories. To learn more, contact a personal product representative at 800.558.6408.

Textured Sponge | 1201-01
The textured sponge can be wrapped conveniently around the endoscope for cleaning. 200 sponges per case.

Cylindrical Sponge | 1201-02
Our cylindrical sponge fully surrounds your endoscope during cleaning. 50 sponges per case.

CleanFreak® Endoscope Cleaning Sponges

Part No.DescriptionQty/Case
1201-01Endoscope Sponge—Textured200
1201-02Endoscope Sponge—Cylindrical50
1201-03Dry Imbibed Endoscope Sponge—Cylindrical50
Single-use, non-sterile. Made in the USA.

CleanFreak® Endoscope Transport Pad

The CleanFreak Endoscope Transport Pad is a convenient post-procedure solution
for handling endoscopes and other accessories.

Edge-to-edge absorbent

Pull cords around dirty
endoscope to transport.

CleanFreak® Endoscope Transport Pad

Part No.SizeQty/Case
Single-use, non-sterile.

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